General terms and conditionsThe responsibilities you like love is strictly limited.

By using the Website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions
If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not use our site.
The operators you like love a website where users provide the content.
You owe responsibility for the entry and adataidért have uploaded and published content.
Upload any illegal or harmful content is prohibited.

Your listing can access registration of our services and become a member of the Site.
A person may register only one site, multiple registration and login alias is not allowed.
Membership is personal, it is forbidden to transfer or assign to a third party.
The you like love reserves the right to reject any membership application. Their membership may only apply if you receive a confirmation e-mail, media or socio register.
full access Member Services toll, just bought a super-power use.

Website, usage and access
During 18 years of age are prohibited to register on the site, it can not be if it contains false information on your age, it is your responsibility.
If the law changes, it is stipulated in this law will be valid for a minimum age.
You declare that you have provided user information do not violate the rights of third parties.
The you like love a trial basis with filtered content published by users, but you like love is not responsible for content uploaded by users.
You agree to receive notification e-mail activity in connection with the listing.
The settings at any time, you can set how you want to get email notifications.
By registering you agree to send promotional write your part.
Breaking the rules without warning cancel or suspend your membership may entail.

Cancellation and suspension
You you like love your membership at any time to pause or delete the Settings menu.
Neither by you nor we initiated termination, or off, you are not entitled to compensation.
The you like love at any time cancel or suspend your membership if you break the terms and conditions.
This may be suspended or canceled without prior notice, but this fact will always inform you afterwards by e-mail.
Following such cancellation or suspension is not register as a member and can not take our services until not give notice of suspension to be lifted.
You acknowledge and agree that the cancellation or suspension of registration for any reason, implies that our website uploaded content - to you like love, at its own discretion - to delete (part of).

Duties of members
The website only you like love you can use in compliance with the guidelines of the relevant legislation.
If the current legislation does not allow this for you, you can not use the website.

A love like you may transfer the case of a crime committed by a member of dating the person's personal information to the competent authorities without giving prior notice to the member concerned of dating.
The website for any product or service sell and distribute, without advertising material can not be used to you like love express permission.

The content uploaded by members
You are responsible for any text, and other information SPONSORED what you like love is often exposes upload.
In particular:
Prohibited offensive, obscene or pornographic or upload any content that may violate human dignity.
It shall be prohibited to cause damage to other visitors of the Website by installing computer viruses and other malicious programs.
It is forbidden to upload any misleading, harassing, threatening, defamatory or offensive content.
It shall be prohibited to harass other members or their political or religious meggyőződésedre force. The national or religious symbols excessive use is not permitted.
It shall be prohibited to register on behalf of another person, and only you can upload content that is related to the real identity to.
It prohibited any unlawful or upload content that incite to commit a crime. Upload images of guns is not allowed.
It is prohibited to upload content that violates the intellectual property rights or copyrights. This means that materials of another person or the images may not be published without their express permission.

The site contains content you may find that you objected to.
The you like love has the right but is not obliged to control discussions taking place between the members and uploaded to the Website content, as well as the members.
The you like love for the right to delete any user content on the Website, provided that violates the Terms of Use, or harmful to the company or third parties.

If you upload and / or you share with others, so only you are responsible for any confidential or sensitive information about you.
The name of the user requested for your password and / or other access code (hereinafter referred to as "data entry"), the sole responsibility of the user. The user must keep the security of data entry. The user must be informed immediately by e-mail to you like love is in the data entry Abuse, which must be sent to the following address:
You agree that every precaution is taken in contact with members, especially when you meet someone in person or by phone.
We ask you to contact us in case of a violation of is immediately let us know any offensive or illegal content, you like what you find love-n. If you like love your complaint is considered valid, the content (text, images, information or data) as soon as possible to remove the offensive. The illegal activities to inform the competent authorities.
Notifications and Messages
You agree that you Like Love website through mobile apps or e-mail you receive important notifications.
A specified availability are must be correct, otherwise you may not receive important notifications. messages related to the service of the notification banner jelentethet you like love your pages to call your attention to changes such as modification of this agreement.
The notification shall contain an e-mail, which you like to send love to your user account associated with the e-mail address. They also agree that you like love to communicate with you, and through other channels, such as e-mail, mobile phone number on your phone or even through you like love your account at you like love account with or you like love services relating to website.
Please look at the settings on the type of messages you get from love to you like. You accept and you agree that we can not accept any responsibility for the resulting problems that do not maintain accurate your contact information or other information, including, but not limited to failure to receive relevant information.
The Web site provides users only to spend up information about themselves, and connect with other users. A love like you do not organize meetings and does not provide relationship or dating advice.
The infrastructure of the Web page you like love provides the same, but a substantial part of the contents of the users are loaded. The you like love is not responsible for user behavior and then, if services do not meet the várakozásaidnak.
The you like love service reliability, and safety of continuity for any direct or indirect warranties.
The you like love you do not have influence on the quality of the user, összeillésére or safety of any content appearing on the Website or the authenticity, accuracy or completeness of respect. You agree that despite the prohibitions set out in the Terms of Use may be available on the Website content may be incorrect or misleading.
Despite the fact that you like love every effort to continuous and flawless operation of the Website, the Internet in general, and in particular the nature of some software does not allow for a continuous and trouble-free operation guarantee.
You agree and acknowledge that you like love Responsibilities contractual and non-contractual exclusively limited to the direct damages up to the next összeghatárokig:
The amount paid in twelve (12) months dues before the event giving rise to the damage occurred; or up to EUR 20
The you like love can not accept under any circumstances any liability for any direct or consequential damages that occur, including (without limitation) emotional injuries, missed opportunities, loss of data, as a result of or in connection with the You or anyone else associated with the use of the Website behavior loss of time spent and / or any damage that is known on the Website communication and encounters with other users originate.
The above disclaimers and limitations of liability do not apply in the case of committed you like love by gross negligence, fraud or willful negligence. If the legislation in force permit, assault and death's responsibility is excluded.
You agree that any third party kártalanítasz (including legal costs we have instead paid) for any damage resulting from the use of the Website, the Website you upload data and / or other content use and / or breach of contract arising arose or in this context.

intellectual property rights
You declare and guarantee you assume to get the information on the listing page you've uploaded yourself and only yourself or the author of the listing. When you give your data accessible intended for other users, without limitation, including text, images, photographs, drawings or graphics for your profile, photo description, etc., Unlimited license confers to you like love to call up this information to disseminate, use, translate, processing or modification.
Trademarks, logos, images, and text content displayed on the side of the you like love intellectual property rights, and therefore they copy and use, publish, distribute, sell, publish or without the prior consent of you like love It prohibited.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The Agreement and other matters affecting the use of the Website are acting in Ghent, Belgium courts, subject to the applicable consumer protection laws otherwise.

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